Friday, October 2, 2009

Time well SpEnt

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When a relatively unheard of theatre group comes forward to do a quiz, you are not sure what to expect. But ASAP did themselves only favours, be it the quiz or the short sketch they showcased just before the finals. The only disappointing thing for the evening was the number of teams participating. The quiz master put the number at 100 which seemed a bit low given that Chennai usually attracts a lot of participation.

The quiz kicked off with 40 question prelims which seems to be the standard nowadays. It fittingly started with a question on the Bapu.

There were questions on Anjali Tendulkar, the Olympics and Quick Gun Murugan. The toughest one seemed to be on the longest winning streak in sports history. I don’t think any of the 100 odd teams got this right. 8 teams qualified for the finals at the end of a low scoring prelims with  “When I was in London” comprising of Srinivasan and Rajagopal coming out tops.

The questions in the finals were engrossing bringing out some brilliant answers from the teams. The quality of quizzing was again top-class. JK and Sriram were quick off the blocks but the team of V.V. Ramanan and Ramkumar eventually caught up leading the quiz into the last round. It came down to the last question to decide the winners and “When I was in London” bagged it with a brilliant answer on the word “FAIL”.

Overall a very enjoyable evening. If anything, the finals just seemed to be one round too long but I dont think the ardent quizzers of Chennai would complain given the good quizzing that was in offing. Mention should also go to the quiz master Vinod and his colleague Ganesh for the research and the quality of questions.

I hope that this now goes on to become an annual event and one more annual quiz gets added to the Chennai quizzing calendar. Way to go ASAP!!!