Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan quizzes in Chennai

The long weekend of the 24th, 25th and 26th Jan had three quizzes in Chennai. I attended two of those. The Mylapore Quiz which was a part of the Mylapore festival on the 25th and the IQL India Unplugged on the 26th of Jan. Both of them where conducted at the same venue. Hotel Karpagam Hall in Mylapore. Read on to know my views on how it went
The Mylapore quiz was a part of the Mylapore Festival that is fast becoming one of the famous neighborhood events in the city. The quiz master for the afternoon was Ashwin Prabhu. There was a prelims of 20 questions followed by the finals which was 6rounds.
The questions were very well framed and the enthusiasm of the participantsand their love for Mylapore was quite evident. The team of V.V. Ramanan and Ram Shankar walked away with the laurels. Overall the quiz was a very good experience. For somebody who is trying to get back to quizzing regularly, it was very enjoyable. Thanks to Ashwin and Srinivas for putting together a set of intriguing questions.
The second quiz was the India Unplugged conducted by the India Quizzing League. Personally, I thought the quiz would have had better participation if it was slotted in the evening. The quiz was scheduled at 09.30 AM in the morning. Karthik Narayanan started off the quiz with a fun question on JK Rithish. The prelims was a set of 30 questions. Again 6 teams got into the finals. This is where the quiz started to falter I thought. The questions for the finals could have been thought out better. Infact, the quiz seemed to get very long and the third round was a bit dry. I couldn’t stay till the end but kudos to the IQL Team for putting up this quiz. Jan 26th Is usually the date for the Odyssey Quiz but that didn’t happen this year. The IQL Team came forward and filled the void. This can only get better.