Sunday, May 24, 2009

Axum – Next Gen Parallel Programming?

Over the past one year, Microsoft has been investing quite a lot on tools to help Parallel Programming as a part of its Parallel Computing Initiative. One of the first initiatives in this direction was the Parallel Fx library. I had the opportunity to do a session on the same and the first impressions I had on it were not bad. It relieved the developer pains of resource synchronisation and took a lot of things under the hood.

But now, Microsoft has come up with Axum. Axum is currently an incubation project but if it becomes a full release, might alter the way .NET developers do Parallel Programming. I have spent a couple of hours reading up on Axum and there are a lot of new terminologies and concepts one has to grasp, especially if somebody is not familiar with MSMQ. The first impression I have is that it is a lightweight MSMQ platform. As I play around with Axum over the next few days, I will try and post samples and articles on the same. Keep hooked onto this space for more.